Welcome to U4foria (Euforia) website for local Chester County PA outsider artist.

Moments that touch

Fleeting visual feelings

Colors that move you

To capture the light


Expressions of longing for life

A tsunami of color, texture, movement, emotions drawn upon a one-dimensional surface. 

Like the wind caressing us and drawing us deeper to explore the unseen.

I believe that what I paint is my doorway to the world around me.  It beckons me to look deeper into its mysteries, revealing the unexpected I'm in awe of its wonders.  It’s the halo of life that surrounds us that reveals itself, in color, teasing us to experience it outside of our norms and cultural contexts.  

Painting is my journey, a medium to discover life, pushing and pulling me, constructing and deconstructing, scraping away layers of ideas, beliefs, color, form, and texture to reveal the hidden.  Painting is my dance.  

Thank you for visiting my website. If you would like to commission a work of art, please contact me directly. I look forward to working with you!


oil on canvas, mandarin ducks 

54 x 36"(commission)

oil on canvas, landscape (commission)

oil on canvas, rainbow tree (commission)

oil on canvas, birds in flight (commission)

oil on canvas, 3 vases w/tulips (sold)

oil on canvas, 3 vases

oil on canvas, 2 vases

oil on canvas, glass vase

oil on canvas, spring crocus (sold)

oil on canvas, tulip

oil on canvas, birds of paradise


oil on canvas, 10x10"

01M2023 bowl of fruit, oil on canvas 14x14"

Pine cone oil on canvas

Colors of Nature series

Portraits are not available for sale

oil on canvas, portrait w/poppies

oil on canvas, portrait

oil on canvas, portrait

oil on canvas, portrait

 02DT2023 10x20" oil on canvas

(showing at leBus East Falls PA)



10x20" oil on canvas

10 x 20" oil on canvas 

10 x 20" oil on canvas

10 x 20" oil on canvas

painting in progress

Dancing tree series


oil on canvas



8x8", oil on canvas


8x8", oil on canvas

3D series

Mixed media drawing

Kandinsky meets Bruegel the Elder

Charcoal, pencil, ink 

work not completed